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"This Moment is a Dream come true"
Hollywood's already sizzling temperatures increased quite a bit this morning, when Australian's multi-talent Hugh Jackman was honored with the famous Hand- and Footprint ceremony at the Mann's Chinese Theater on Hollywood Boulevard.

There was a moment when I feared, that the event would not happen, after reading Jackman's Twitter messages (Tweets) the night before: "Heading to LA now...Cannot wait to see the kids" --- and two hours later: "Stuck in Miami airport. Mechanical problems with airline. Bummer." But thankfully he made it to Hollywood in time for the celebration.

Voted "2008 Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine, Hugh Jackman fully lives up to his image. His charming and down-to-earth personality, crowned with 
a winning smile make him a favorite with women, men, kids, gays and straights alike.
The popular entertainer, Oscars show host and philanthropist visibly enjoyed greeting his many delighted fans and patiently posed for pictures and generously signed all sorts of memorabilia, including my Oscars presentation folder, which I received when covering the Oscars pre-events in February.
"This moment is a dream come true", Jackman told the crowd of about 500 fans waving Wolverine claws. "This is in fact the very first Hollywood landmark my wife Deb took me to. I remember coming here and putting my hands on Peter Sellers and here we are 12 years later."

His wife Deborra-Lee Furness, eight-year-old son Oscar and three-year-old daughter Ava sat in a VIP section with Hollywood dignitaries, including Rupert Murdoch, owner of the 20th Century Fox film studio, which is releasing Jackman's next film, X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Jackman joked, that his son Oscar was reluctant to attend today's event. "This morning he said 'I'm only coming Dad if you don't do a long boring speech'," Jackman said. "I promised him it won't be long but I don't know about the boring bit." He then turned to his son asking him "How am I doing so far, Oscar?" and obviously got the approval he was hoping for :-) 

He continued "I have to tell you, this particular block of real estate has brought me two moments in my life I thought would never ever happen. Hosting the Oscars and now here today. It means the world to me to be here." 
Jackman was thrilled to see many Australian fans in the stands and joked: "Are there any Aussies here?" and quickly added: "Of course the Aussies are here - we're in Hollywood" :-)

Shortly after the ceremony, Hugh's Tweet read: "Just completed hand print ceremony. pretty cool. thank you to everyone who turned up to show their support!"

I can only add: ANYTIME, Hugh! :-D

Hugh Jackman on IMDb  Seed Productions  
Hugh Jackman greets the many fans that 
turned up for this exciting event
Hugh Jackman's happily greets his family and friends sitting in the VIP section: Wife Deborra-Lee 'Deb' Furness with their kids Ava and Oscar. 
Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with prof. equipment
I strongly believe, Hugh Jackman 
has found his harshest critic in 
son Oscar. 
Obviously not very impressed with 
his Dad's stardom and the fan 
frenzy surrounding him, Oscar's 
reactions that day were kind of 
refreshing and fun to watch. 
I'm pretty sure, that he will be the 
one keeping his Dad grounded so 
we can continue to enjoy a genuine,
caring, generous, humble and 
down-to-earth Hugh Jackman. 
Thumbs up, Oscar :-)
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