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I remember being ten years old and already dreaming about living in California someday. It was a calling I could not ignore and meanwhile, the many pieces of this complex life puzzle have fallen into place. With a passion for film, photography, and graphic design, and wanting to live in a warm, dry climate, my dream destination would be Hollywood.
I grew up among a very loving family and many friends in the German speaking part of Switzerland, graduated from various schools, language schools, and business school, spent time traveling, and then worked at a Swiss bank for ten years.
At this point, I had already completed several art classes, done some nature photography in Europe and the U.S., and started selling my own greeting cards.
At the age of sixteen, a then lesser-known eye disease struck, which left me partially (legally) blind for fourteen years. After two successful cornea transplants, I decided to change my life and pursue my dream. I came to California, where I have been studying and running my own business for many years. I graduated from Los Angeles City College with two AA Degrees, in Cinema and in Photography.
My many interests have made me an "Allrounder" and there are never enough hours in a day. I use my skills as a photographer, graphic designer, webmaster, and researcher to complete marketing and creative tasks for a weight loss clinic, a well-known film director/writer, and the Los Angeles Garden Club. I'm a defender of the environment, and I decry injustice. I enjoy spending time doing recreational gold prospecting, and metal detecting at the beach. Providing computer support to family and friends, and scrapping electronic devices are tasks I enjoy as well.
For ten years, I participated in the Academy Awards celebrations, covering the Oscars Pre-Events for German World Magazine and the Roy Teeluck Salon.
I love being surrounded by motivated and inspiring people, and I try my best to make a positive difference in people's lives. In short, I am in a constant learning process due to my insatiable curiosity for the many wonders of Life and the Universe, and I always look forward to new challenges and tasks coming my way.
Think Green - Info on how to help protect the environment 
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