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A Tribute to my beloved cat Strizzi
I remember being ten years old and already dreaming about living in California someday. It was a calling I could not ignore and meanwhile, the many pieces of this complex puzzle have fallen into place. With a passion for film, photography and graphic design, and wanting to live in a warm, dry climate, my dream destination would be Hollywood.
I grew up among a very loving family and many friends in the German speaking part of Switzerland, graduated from various schools, language schools and business school, spent time traveling, and then worked at a Swiss bank for ten years.
At this point, I had already completed several art classes, done some nature photography in Europe and the U.S. and started selling my own greeting cards.
At the age of sixteen, a rare eye disease struck which left me partially (legally) blind for fourteen years. After two successful surgeries, I decided to change my life and pursue my dream. I came to California, where I have been studying and running my own business since many years. I graduated from Los Angeles City College with an AA Degree in Cinema and an AA Degree in Photography.
My many interests have made me an "Allrounder" and there are never enough hours in a day. I am dividing my time between photography, graphic design, working at a Weight Loss Clinic, and supporting the Los Angeles Garden Club with various tasks. I'm also actively giving my voice to environmental issues and furthermore enjoy recreational gold prospecting and metal detecting. Providing computer support to family and friends is yet another task I enjoy.
For ten years, I participated in the Academy Awards celebrations and the coverage of the Oscars Pre-Events for German World Magazine and the Roy Teeluck Salon. 
I love being surrounded by motivated and inspiring peopIe, and I try my best to make a positive difference in people's lives, and give noteworthy charity organizations a voice by writing about them. In short, I am in a constant learning process due to my insatiable curiosity for the many wonders of Life and the Universe, and I always look forward to new challenges and tasks coming my way.
Think Green - Info on how to help protect the environment 
It's your planet too!
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