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See Image​        Canadian Gardening Magazine, Circulation: 2.5 million, 7 issues/year
See Image​        Canadian Gardening Magazine, Circulation: 2.5 million, 7 issues/year
See Image        GardenWise Magazine, Circulation: 35'000, 6 issues/year
See Image        Mon Jardin et Potager Magazine, Circulation: Quebec, 2 issues/year
See Image​        Laval Technopole, "Brochure"

German World Magazine, Spring 2010 
Photos only
Pg 14: German Oscar Nominated Foreign Language Film Director, Cinematographer, and Actresses 

July 20, 2009, Blue Ribbon and Gold State Award for Design "Reflections"
Official 2008 Flower Show Schedule for the Los Angeles Garden Club, inspired by the beautiful surroundings of the  Roaring Camp Gold Mine in Pine Grove, CA.
See Image here (scroll down to end of page)

German World Magazine, Spring 2009 
Photos only
Pg 24: Oscar Nominated Foreign Language Film Directors
Pg 47: Swiss American Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles honors Director Wolfgang Petersen > Thomas Gottschalk interviews Wolfgang Petersen 

German World Magazine, MarApr 2008 
Article and Photos
Pg 46 - 47: Wolfgang Puck - Oscar Glamour meets Refined Simplicity 
Film Review and Photos
Pg 35: "The Man Who Came Back" - Eric Braeden's Return to the Big Screen 
Photos only
Pg   4: Oscar Nominated Foreign Language Film Directors 
Pg 57: Ben Silverman to receive this year's Honorary Rose of the Rose d'Or Film Festival 

German World Magazine, JanFeb 2008
Articles only 
Pg 10 - 12: Cover Story: Hope for a Greener World afterall - Brad Pitt's Pink Project in New Orleans 
Pg 13: Book Review, Paper or Plastic, Outrage over CA Waiver Denial by EPA 
Pg 50: In Memoriam 

German World Magazine, SepOct 2007
Photos only
Pg 48: In Memoriam - Ulrich Muehe (Actor from "The Lives of Others") 
Pg 55: Eric Braeden receives Star on Hollywood Boulevard 
Pg 58: Self Portrait 

German World Magazine, JulAug 2007
Article and Photos
Pg 28 - 30: Gold Rush 
Photos only
Pg 13: Senator Hillary Clinton in Los Angeles 
Pg 25: Lotti Latrous with Husband and Daughter, Lotti Latrous with Stephan Anspichler 
Film Review
Pg 37: "Rescue Dawn" by Werner Herzog 

German World Magazine, MarApr 2007 
Articles and Photos
Pg 12: The Oscars Go Organic!
Pg 13: From James Bond 007 to the Moon - OmegaMania 
Article only
Pg 30 - 31: Power Savers - How Utility Companies support the Green Movement
Photos only
Cover: Wolfgang Puck, Cast "The Lives of Others"
Pg 10: Cast "The Lives of Others", Kodak Theater
Pg 11: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck with Oscar Statuette 

German World Magazine, JanFeb 2007 
Product Review:
Pg 27: "Just Good For Her"

See Images      Print Ad Displays in Yellow Pages and on Albertson Shopping Carts, Tehachapi, CA
See Image        Martha Stewart Website, "LEARN - Herbs" Rosemary/Rosmarinus officinalis
See Image​        Lowe's, "Lowe's Newsletter" and "Lowe's 2002 Calendar"
See Image        Comda Calendars, "Flowers & Gardens 2003" Calendar
See Image        USA Weekend Magazine, Circulation: 23.5 million, weekly, in 580 different newspapers
See Image        Ladies' Home Journal Magazine, Circulation: 4.1 million, 12 issues/year
See Image        Garden Design Magazine, Circulation: ?, 6 issues/year
See Image​        Horticulture Magazine, Circulation: 213'000, 6 issues/year
See Image​        San Jose Mercury News, Circulation: 75,000, daily
See Images      Roy Teeluck Salon, New York, Website
See Images, Inc., Los Angeles, Circulation: 20,000, 4 issues/year
See Images, Los Angeles, Circulation: ?, 12 issues/year
See Images, Los Angeles, Circulation: ?, 12 issues/year
See Images      inmag (Print Issue)
See Images      LA Weekly, Los Angeles, Circulation: 209,000, weekly
See Images      LA Weekly (Print Issue)
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