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Signing away (from left to right):
Elliott Gould Ocean's 11, 12, 13 / *M*A*S*H*, Robert Culp I Spy + James Hong Chinatown / Kung Fu
From my favorite Sitcom in 1984:
Joyce DeWitt 'Janet Wood'
Three's Company 
Angie Dickinson signs one of my favorite pictures taken from the movie poster
Ocean's Eleven showing the Ratpack Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr., Peter Lawford and herself.
At the time, Angie Dickinson and Shirley MacLaine were to only female "Ratpackers" fully accepted as "pals" by the clan.
Among many other films,
 she also starred with John Wayne and Dean Martin in Rio Bravo and in the TV Series Police Woman.
Tony Curtis signs a famous picture showing him with Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe in a publicity shot from Some like It Hot

I was thrilled to meet Tony Curtis in person and also learn about his charity "Shiloh" which rescues horses that have been abused and are about to be slaughtered. Together with his wife Jill, helpers and volunteers they outbid buyers at slaughter auctions and bring the horses to the ranch, which provides a safe haven to these beautiful animals. There they receive medical care and lots of love.

Shiloh Horse Rescue  
Volunteers welcome daily!
Meeting Debbie Reynolds was a dream
come true. I've followed her career from
the first time I saw Singing in the Rain 
almost 30 years ago.
She was the only one I saw walking around during her break and 'say hello' to other celebrities.
Below: Debbie Reynolds greets 'James Bond' George Lazenby (left) and I Spy's Robert Culp (right)
Sharon & Ray did it again!
The organizers of the Hollywood Collectors Show at the Burbank Airport Marriott Hotel put together a show, that was the most special and unique I've attended so far.
I love the wonderful energy and the "intimate" atmosphere at their shows - no "intrusive" security who spoil the pure joy of such an event. I've never seen anything bad happen at any of their shows and everyone, visitors, vendors, security and celebrities are always in good spirits, friendly and courteous, and always willing to chat a little. The "one on one" experience is truly exciting and the smile on everyone's face says more than a thousand words..
Walt Disney's Zorro Richard Anderson sitting alongside
 James Hong (ChinatownKung FuWayne's World 2
Another favorite Sitcom of mine: The Jeffersons
Marla Gibbs 'Florence' and Ned Wertimer 'Ralph'
Angie Dickinson returns from her break and jokes with the fans that have been waiting patiently for her to sign more pictures
and memorabilia.
In honor of the James Bond 007 Tribute at this show, actor Richard Kiel 'Jaws' from Moonraker and The Spy Who Loved Me makes an appearance.
Although he's not wearing his famous steel teeth this time, his impressive figure (7' 2" / 2.15m) continues to captivate fans.
Richard Kiel wrote his autobiography in 2002 titled "Making It BIG In The Movies".

In 1992, Richard Kiel was in a serious automobile accident, which affected his auto-balance and he now walks using a cane or rides a battery powered scooter. Nevertheless he greeted me with a big smile and a "how ya doing" when riding around with his scooter during a break. 
Since 1957, Debbie Reynolds has been the president of "The Thalians" (named after the Goddess of Comedy) an organization that helps solve this nation's most pressing health problem: mental illness. More people suffer from mental illness disorders than all other diseases combined.
Nastassja Kinski autographs the famous picture taken by Richard Avedon 
showing her with a huge snake wrapped around her naked body.

Fans waited patiently for Nastassja Kinski who arrived late due to one of her two daughters being sick. The beautiful actress and daughter of German actor Klaus Kinski was very gracious and before starting her signing session she made sure, nobody in line was mad at her for being late. How could we? :-) 
Nastassja is a mother of three (her youngest daughter with Quincy Jones) and I was thrilled to talk to her in German. She seemed happy to meet a Swiss and told me, that her daughter had been born in Switzerland.

Below: Friends - Nastassja Kinski with actress Olivia Hussey Romeo and Juliet and her daughter India Joy.

Some of Nastassja Kinski's movies include TessCat PeopleParis Texas and Terminal Velocity.
And yes, at age 82, Tony Curtis is still acting in movies and TV series. And does art painting!
What a great show - Can hardly wait for the next one in February 2008
Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with small compact camera
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