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Star Location: 7018 Hollywood Blvd
It's another beautiful, warm and sunny day in Hollywood. The perfect setting to honor Dennis Quaid with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
When Dennis Quaid landed in Hollywood 30 years ago, he strolled by the stars on the Walk of Fame and wondered, "Who the hell is that?" Today, he received a star of his own.
"I remember when this town was a beanfield", he said at the ceremony. "I've been here 125 years. I started with Charlie Chaplin".
The charismatic, witty and talented actor has appeared in more than 40 movies and stars in the upcoming remake of the 1968 film "Yours, Mine and Ours" due out later this month.
Approx. 300 friends, co-workers and fans, including his wife Kimberly Buffington, whom he married in Montana on the 4th of July, 2004 and his 13-year-old son, Jack Henry Quaid Ryan, his son with ex-wife Meg Ryan, as well as Topher Grace, his co-star in the film "In Good Company", attended today's ceremony.
Dennis Quaid was most wonderful with the fans too. He signed my postcard, shook my hand and asked me, if he could borrow my Sharpie pen (he didn't need to ask twice ;-) and for the next half hour he would sign cards, DVDs, CDs, baseballs, newspapers, T-Shirts, and pose with anyone who wished to get a picture with him.
What an incredibly nice and generous guy! And sooooo darn handsome!!!

More Info on Dennis Quaid 
Check out Dennis Quaid's Band "Dennis Quaid and The Sharks"
"Dennis Quaid and The Sharks" have been performing in front of thousands of people receiving rave reviews. He is not just another actor turned rock star, he is a rock star.
Dennis Quaid is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist of the band, that specializes in "Rock 'n' Roll and Country-Soul". The band even throws in a Jerry Lee Lewis song or two in the mix, such as "Great Balls of Fire", which Quaid has firsthand experience performing, having played "The Killer" in a 1989 biopic.

Quaid says the shows are as much fun for those in attendance as they are for the band. "The audiences have a blast, which is all we want", he says. "I make a complete and utter fool of myself. I think that's the only way to have fun (onstage), instead of trying to pretend to be cool and all the rest of that stuff."

Click here for the Band's Website and their Tour Schedule (must allow Popups from this site)
Hollywood's Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant introduces Actor / Musician Dennis Quaid to the press, and the many friends and fans that have gathered for this special occasion.
Actor Topher Grace congratulates
Dennis Quaid on his star.
Hilariously funny speeches delivered by Paul Weitz, Director / Producer of the 2004 movie "In Good Company" and Topher Grace (Co-starring in that same movie) make everyone crack up.
It's official - Dennis Quaid reveals
his star on the Hollywood Walk of
Fame and Johnny Grant declares
November 16 "Dennis Quaid Day"
in Hollywood.
Dennis Quaid poses with Johnny Grant and his new star.
Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly Buffington enjoy the ceremony.
Kimberly Buffington
Dennis Quaid tends to his fans.
For more than half an hour he signs all
sorts of items and poses for pictures.
And yep, that's my pen right there! :-)
Friends gather to honor Dennis Quaid
Left: Topher Grace co-starred with Dennis Quaid in the 2004 movie "In Good Company" and the 2000 movie "Traffic". He can also be seen in the movie "Mona Lisa Smile" and the TV Series "That '70s Show". He is currently filming "Spider Man 3".

Center: Brett Cullen co-starred with Dennis Quaid in the 1995 movie "Something to talk about" and the 1994 movie "Wyatt Earp". He is probably best known for his many TV performances.

Right: Another successful event hosted by Hollywood's Honorary Mayor Johnny Grant.
Dennis Quaid poses with the kids from
his new movie "Yours, Mine and Ours",
which opens in theaters nationwide on
November 23.
Rene Russo co-stars in this comedy.
Dennis Quaid finally gets a hold of the mic and delivers a very amusing speech himself.
(For quotes see introduction at the top of this page)
He is soon joined by his wife Kimberly Buffington and his 13-year-old son Jack.
Dennis Quaid at ease with the press.
Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with small compact camera
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