I've enjoyed the scenery along Hwy 49 tremendously, but I've never made so many U-turns in my entire life as when driving in Amador County. The confusion begins with the new bypass around   Sutter Creek and Amador, and continues due to poorly marked roads and intersections. Little farm roads have their own beautiful sign, but signs for main roads and landmarks are rare or cramped onto one sign, which are very hard to read when driving past them. Nonetheless, it was great fun!
That same year, Col. Alden Jackson and his party set up camp near a spring in the center of town.
For years, Jackson was known as a "Mother Lode Mecca."  

The downtown area of Jackson was almost totally destroyed by fire in August 1862.  Many downtown buildings date from the 1862-63 reconstruction.  

Jackson became the county seat of Amador (meaning "love of gold"), the last mine closed in 1943 due to World War II, but commerce and history keep the City strong. 

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Historic Hwy 49
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Robinson's Ferry (State Landmark)
The plaque reads: "In 1848 John W. Robinson and Stephen Mead established ferry transport for freight, animals and persons across river. In 1856 Harvey Wood purchased interest and later acquired property which was maintained by Wood family until 1911. Charges were 50 cents for each passenger, horse, jenny or other animal."
Colorful Highway 49
A plaque at the Robinson's Ferry lookout honors Archie D. Stevenot "Mr. Mother Lode" as founder of the Mother Lode Association, which created Colorful Highway 49, California's first Highway Association.

Below: The Archie D. Stevenot Memorial Bridge (1976), stretching across the Stanislaus River in Tuolumne and Calaveras counties.
Angels Camp
"Home of the Jumping Frog"

The city of Angels Camp was proclaimed an official Kindness Zone on February 17, 1997. 

The Kindness Movement was created by local merchants and townspeople who have dedicated themselves to the goal of creating a kinder and gentler place and spreading kindness throughout the region and the world beyond.

Mark Twain based his short story "The Celebrated Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" on a story he claimed he heard at the Angels Hotel. The event is commemorated with a Jumping Frog Jubilee each May.

Angels Camp  
Angels Camp (Wikipedia)

Jackson began as a gold mining camp in 1848.
Amador Flower Farm

Amador Flower Farm started as a direct mail business in 1994 with over 350 different daylilies.
Today, over 800 different daylilies
are available here.

The farm has been designated as one of the very few "American Hemerocallis Society" Display Gardens and is the recipient of a special award from California Garden Club, Inc., for Landscape Design. 

Amador Flower Farm 
The "Pumpkin House" located on the pumkin patch
Auburn is one of California’s earliest mining towns. During the Gold Rush in May of 1848, a miner by the name of Claude Chana was taking a short cut to meet his friend James Marshall and discovered gold in the Auburn Ravine. Auburn then became a shipping and supply center of hundreds of gold camps. 

Auburn (Official Website)     Auburn  
Black Chasm Cavern

Black Chasm Cavern was designated a National Natural Landmark by the National Park Service in 1976.

Visitors are enchanted by 
the beauty of a wide variety 
of formations including stalactites, stalagmites, flowstones and the vast arrays of rare helictite crystals, for which Black Chasm Cavern is famous. 

Black Chasm Cavern  
The Dragon has become a popular mascot for the cavern and if you look closeley, you will see the shape of a dragon in the last photo (dominant white shape).
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