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Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with small compact camera
Got my hand kissed by Tony Curtis, met the voice behind Peanuts' Charlie Brown and chatted with the youngest Brady kid, Susan Olsen.

It was once again a memorable show and this time, I invited my dear friend Christy from New York to join me.

She was thrilled to meet "Singing in the Rain" star Debbie Reynolds, who told her about her dancing school in North Hollywood. And Brad Kesten, the voice behind Charlie Brown, who gave Christy a really cool and personalized memorabilia for her husband "Blockhead Tom", a big fan of the Peanuts Gang.
Brad is also on Facebook and you'll find him in my friends list.

We also got a chance to chat with Susan Olsen, who played Cindy Brady on the popular TV show "The Brady Bunch" and we had great fun exchanging memories and stories of the past. Susan is a passionate animal activist and is a board member of 
Precious Paws, a pet shelter located in Encino, Los Angeles.

And while I was chatting with Jill Curtis to arrange my visit to the Shiloh Horse Rescue Ranch and encouraging her to put Shiloh on Facebook, husband Tony Curtis grabbed my hand and kissed it.
Needless to say, he made my day! :-)
Susan Olsen (above) and Brad Kesten (below left)
Click here to see my photos of Tony Curtis and Debbie Reynolds at a previous show.
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