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OCTOBER 27, 2008
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Photographer was not on assignment - All photos taken for private use with small compact camera
Who can forget The Brady Bunch? Even growing up
in Switzerland, I remember being mesmerized by this
show from the early 70s (1969-1974). The catchy tune
of the opening theme never left me to this day:
The Brady Bunch Opening Theme

Today, I finally got to meet one of the most famous
teenagers in TV history: Maureen McCormick, also
known as Marcia Brady, at her book signing here in

At age 52 a very beautiful and gracious Maureen
McCormick finally got the courage to talk about her
horrible ordeals during and after those "Brady years".
Nothing was like it seemed...
Here is Barry Williams' Blog
and his take on Maureen's book

My post dated Oct 20, 2008 reads:

Dear Barry,
I was about 10 years young, when I first saw The Brady Bunch on our black & white television in Switzerland during the early 70s. From the start, I was mesmerized by this very unique family and I remember telling my mom, that I wanted to live in a family like that (today I wonder, how that made her feel - I eventually was blessed with a younger brother… :-)
Then life happened and I somehow never got a chance to watch the show again, but remarkably, the title song always stuck with me. However, whenever I mentioned the show or “sing” the song, nobody (in Switzerland) knew, what I was talking about, which was very frustrating. Only when I began traveling to the U.S. more regularly in the late 80s did I catch some episodes during my stays at hotels. And when I eventually moved to Hollywood in the mid 90s, one of the first things I did, was catch up on ALL the re-runs, night after night
Meanwhile I’ve learned more about the “behind the scenes” of The Brady Bunch and other shows and despite having a reality check, I still think, you guys did a remarkable job. I’ve read many autobiographies since then and learned to distinguish between reality and fiction (and living in Hollywood, helped too!). Today, I am simply happy for Maureen, that she finally got the courage to “get it out of her system” and share her side of the story with us. We all have our share of struggles in life, but most of us have the privilege to fight and deal with them in privacy. Kudos to all of you, who grow up in front of the world, under the constant scrutiny of society and the media, and yet manage to keep your sanity and be decent and caring human-beings.

On February 15, 2009 I met yet another Brady, Susan Olsen who played Cindy Brady, the youngest of the Bunch. I got a chance to chat with her for quite a bit and it was fun to exchange memories of the past. Read here
Kitten Kay Sera, a Hollywood personality in her own right,
is thrilled to meet Maureen McCormick